2018 UF Law E-Discovery Conference

Legal Learning Series

UF EDRM Conference Legal Learning Series

The Legal Learning Series is dedicated to providing higher continuing legal education programs and offering legal experts, consultants, service and technology providers the opportunity to educate the community. We offer comprehensive half day seminars, full day seminars and conferences, lunch and learns, professional development courses to be hosted within law firms, legal networking opportunities, and training for litigation support, eDiscovery, forensic data recovery and trial presentation. The Legal Learning Series was created to help promote the common business interest of the legal community, educate the legal professionals on eDiscovery and other topics, and serve as a resource for the entire legal industry.

Attendees of the Legal Learning Series include top level professionals: lawyers, judges, e-discovery managers, technicians, paralegals, case managers, litigation support managers, administrators, vendors, software developers, consultants, and others. The Legal Learning Series invites you to sign up today! Join your colleagues in an exciting journey towards setting higher standards in the legal community. Participate in making a difference. For more information about Legal Learning Series, visit legallearningseries.com


Published: February 1st, 2018

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